First day

For a variety of reasons I haven’t been sleeping what you would consider normal hours, so in attempt to “reset” my waking hours I woke up at 6am after going to bed at 3am. Today has been a struggle NOT to lay down and sleep (still is).

I did however after first waking up, walk to a very steep hill nearby (which I am tired of walking to the top off out of breath), and I walked up and down for 30 mins. It took approximately a little less than 5 minutes ( but at several points I needed to take a drink of water or catch my breath) to get up and down the hill so I did 6 laps. Not an epic beginning, but a beginning non the less in the exercise department.

Left over breakfast in the bottle
Green tea thermos and Altoids

Immediately following the 30 min walk I consumed a protein shake (two scoops 36 grams of protein). While I was trying to get some work done (and to stay awake) I drank nearly 2 cups of Green tea, along with altoids. I find that the combination of this “curiously strong mint” along with caffeine makes for a good way to stay awake for me. Around 2pm I followed up with a tuna lunch, with two slices of bread. Since our gas stove is on the fritz, I went ahead and purchased a dinner special from a place nearby at around 5pm. Was it too big? I can tell you now that My stomach felt (still feels two hours later) very full. 
 While I know this isnt exactly exciting for anyone reading, there is a purpose to my madness. I read in a study That taking pictures of what you eat helps you stick to your diet. At this point I figure any little thing that might help me overcome my bad eating patterns is worth a shot. 

I know that ultimately diet will make you or break you in this business of weight loss, but for the moment I dont know how well I can count calories or portion out food without the availability of a digital scale or some other device that impartially gives it to me as it is, and makes the math of calorie counting a little more, shall we say… accurate. 
Tuna, lemon juice, spices and bread
I have given this venture some thought and decided at least for the first week (and I suppose for all the coming weeks) I am going to just stick to one change a week which I will carry on the following week and the week after. Eventually acquiring some pretty healthy habits and even perhaps a taste for all of this. 
HUGE pasta dinner
All in all, this has been a good first day for me, and I hope that it is the first of many. I do plan to continue using this blog as a means of tracking progress of the progress.. I guess the next thing I have to knock out is getting on a scale to know what I am starting with (thats right I haven’t yet, and I don’t even have one available unless I hit the gym, and borrow theirs, wooo  fun times!).

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