Shopping day

Yesterday was a rough day, with two hours under my belt of sleep it was just impossible to really get much of anything done. In the end it was a great decision to do what I did, today I slept 7 hrs, and I was up early without fighting it too much. I went to the hill again for 30 minutes and did 6 laps again. I have to say that it felt a lot easier than the first day, but changes dont happen that fast.

breakfast of champions
Later on in the day I purchased a blender, and let me just say that I have been dying to get one but the local prices for most things are quite expensive (not in the USA). I was overjoyed to be able to make for the first time since I got the island what I think was a decent salsa. I also took the opportunity to puree some guavas with honey to make a guava juice of sorts (nothing too sweet). 
Mid morning energy
Today was shopping day, and in the past I usually have purchased 2 bags of chips, or some dessert. It was quite difficult to deny myself that, since some days it seems that those food items are the bright spot in my stress filled days. Sometimes its just nice to be transported back to where I live by just taking a bite of something. Also, I usually purchase beer (a six pack) once every two weeks. I realize however that beer and alcohol are empty calories and do nothing for me nutritionally, so I have been doing my hardest (even before I started this blog) to avoid BOTH beer and snack foods. 
Now a breakdown of what was consumed today. Breakfast: protein shake, Mid morning: 3/4 of a can of lo-Cal Monster energy drink,  afternoon: A bottle of Perrier (my absolute favorite water in the world) and a small Jello snack (a roommate gifted it to me, and who am I to turn down something when I haven’t eaten? this was before I went shopping). Dinner: Beef stewed with tomatoes and salsa, with a diluted serving of guava juice. 
Jello snack cup with liter of heaven eerrr Perrier. 
I guess I should evaluate myself once a day since that is what this is all about. I haven’t taken notice of how much some foods are of comfort to myself and as such it has been easy to indulge. I was proud of the fact that I did noticed my inclination and stopped myself. I will take some time this weekend to try to plan out some meals for the week as well as really take a moment to do some calorie (even if its a bit crude) counting. I walked by the gym today with blender in hand, and I could have walked in and weighed myself. I guess a part of me is afraid of seeing how much I do weigh, especially since 4 months ago. But before I can continue I MUST know my weight so I can calculate all sorts of fun numbers. I hope as time goes by I feel a bigger difference, because right now I just feel a bit lonely in this. But no matter what, I Must lose to win. Take care. 
Stewed steak with tomatoes and salsa, with a side
of diluted guava juice

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