a new day

Well after yesterday I really thought about how easy it was for me to just not get somethings done, and today even tho I woke up very late I still got in a work out at the gym AND weighed myself. I know thats not really much of an accomplishment.. but it really is a big deal to me. I need to make this a priority and it will get done, neglect it… and things will stay the same or go worse. I weighed 323 pounds with shoes and clothes on, thats not a number I am particularly proud of, but it does give me a baseline from which to work with.

breakfast/lunch: grilled cheese with turkey bacon, fast and

Food wise today, I didnt really eat particularly healthy or particularly unhealthy (at least in my head). I woke up and made two grilled cheese sandwiches with 2 slices of turkey bacon in each and a bottle of Perrier (not in any of the pictures) and ketchup, had a bowl of banana strawberry yogurt somewhere along the day and after 30 mins at the gym on the stair stepper on the hills program and 5 sets of 10 situps. I had 3 pieces of flounder salted, peppered, and lemoned with a glass of diluted guava juice.

bowl of banana strawberry yogurt

I have to take the weight information and formulate a caloric baseline, etc I will def post all the math and websites that I used. Mentally I feel that today was a fantastic day, it was liberating to see that I can prioritize even when I have not as much time (when I wake up late vs early) and that I need to always make exercise as much a priority in my life as work or even rest. It was a good day overall.

Cup of diluted guava juice and flounder fillets (1 large 2 small)


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