Day off

Today was a tough day mentally, I was tired all day… after having slept 8 hours (because I went to bed late the night before… for stupid reasons) so I didnt wake up early. I didnt get much work done either, and then to add to that I went out for dinner with friends. I guess what threw me off most was mentally I felt like I have wasted the day since I woke up at near noon… and then I was STILL tired… so tired in fact that I took another long nap (3 hrs) so I wasted more of the day and now I am not tired when its late (1:46am is late). 

I didnt go to the gym again, so I havent effectively weighed myself, NOR did I go to the hill. Both of which bother me quite a bit. But at the same time, if it really bothered me I would have simply gone? Food wise I was all over the place today. I woke up at noon so I ate lunch, and by lunch I mean 2 scrambled eggs, 4 pieces of turkey bacon, 3 guavas, and 1 diluted glass of grapefruit juice . I didnt eat again until 7pm. Where I had sushi at a local place, I sneaked in a picture of my sushi with the phone. I ordered what they call the big mix which included 22 pieces of sushi, I consumed it with water, and had no dessert. While I feel like what I ate was enough, when I got home a few hours later I decided to have a few cookies (I didnt snap any pictures).

big mix 22 piece sushi
I dont know what it is about my schedules, but when they are thrown off I dont get ANYTHING that I set out to accomplish done. its like I cant roll with the punches. I guess I always knew about that myself, but I do need to really try to adjust for changing circumstances OR STICK to the PLAN. It makes it very easy for me now, and in the past, to blow off exercise or proper nutrition when I have the excuse of not being able to because of time. Also In the past I had a schedule that worked VERY well for me of exercise, but I think that I need to evaluate rest and consider actually having an official day off instead of today’s impromptu vacation.  I think from now on I will also take a picture of anything that I put into my mouth, so that I can always have a visual inventory of what is consumed. I think its important I consider looking at these images at the end of the week to evaluate how I did that week. 

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