pork chops and peanut butter

I dont know exactly why I decide to stay up sometimes, but usually there isn’t many good reasons why. In the end I woke up at 11 am, and I did exactly what I needed to do work wise. In the past messing up my schedule would have meant that I wouldn’t be going to the gym, however today I made it a priority to go and it was sort of cathartic to go and work it out on an elliptical machine. I went today at about 4 pm and worked out for a half hour I in the past I used to really be very religious about workouts (can you believe it?) but as time went on I have made less and less time and look at me now. So Today was a good day with regards to that. As you can tell by the last post, I did the math on what I should and shouldn’t be consuming. The problem now lies in that I dont have a scale so its hard to standardize the amount of food I consume vs the VAST amount of information on the internet and how sometimes it clashes (MAJORLY) and there is so many different ways to add it up etc. 

Peanut butter and honey
Today was a busy day, I consumed for breakfast/lunch two peanut butter and a little honey sandwiches, then for dinner I had pork chops covered in lime pepper and then I added a salsa I made. Later on at night I was a bit hungry so I consumed a small tapioca pudding that my roommate had given me.  IF I had to do the math on these I would have to say that the Peanut butter and honey sandwiches were ABOUT 400 calories a sandwich (I didnt quite use a tablespoon per sandwich) so two of those is ABOUT 800 calories. I then consumed 3 pork chops with diluted guava juice, which according to one website were 130 calories per 4 oz, while another website says that they are more like 200 calories. I will go ahead and count them as 250 to be safe per pork chop since they were slightly bigger than 4 oz. (4 oz is about the size of a cigarette box or about the palm of your hand, at least that is how I estimated it) so if I was doing calorie counting here that would put me at 750+ 800 = 1550. Of course we cant forget the tapioca pudding which according to this website  is: 130 calories, putting me at 1680 calories BEFORE I add the guava juice. which I would estimate to be 80 calories which would put me at about 1760 calories, more than I wanted but there it is.  I am looking forward to having a scale soon so that I can take the guess work out of the amounts I am consuming. 

the Calories and time spent today
Mentally today was a good day, I was productive, and I made my health a priority. I do however need to pick up veggies, they sell them at the store for VERY high prices, and a local grocer sells them close by on mondays, wednesdays, and Fridays. So I need to make sure to run in and grab some, it is sort of grating on my mind that I havent any to consume (NOT EVEN FROZEN). so I will make that change come wednesday, as well as on THURSDAY I plan to add another 30 or less minutes to my exercise by adding weights (2 sets per muscle group to start). Lastly, I need to really consider having either a day to cheat, or a meal to cheat or something along those lines… OR find healthy alternatives to the foods I like within the caloric  limits I am setting for myself (which is the one I am MOST leaning towards since I want this to be something I can easily stick to). 
Pork chops and diluted guava juice
Snack Pack

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