Yogurt and Beef strips

Today was what I suppose is becoming an average day. On the sleep front I went to bed earlier and woke up earlier, tho my energy level was low in the morning which forced me to caffeinate. I am pleased with my improvement on keeping up with this from day to day, tho there are still many changes to be made.

Banana Strawberry yogurt, breakfast of champions

Today’s food is broken down like this: about 8 oz of Banana Strawberry yogurt for breakfast for a total of 213.3 calories, I had 2/3 rd’s of a can of Monster so about 15 calories in that drink, for dinner I had stir fry which contained half a White onion so thats about 35 calories plus about half a pound of beef strips (16 oz) for about 883 calories.To wash my dinner down I accompanied my meal with a lovely diluted glass of grapefruit juice for approximately 100 calories. So today’s total is:1246.3. As stated my goal was 1600 calories, which I didn’t hit today (or I grossly underestimated the portions and I had closer to or a little over 1600).

Caffeine Boost

When considering my options of dinner, and what I consume. Its tough to simply make meals and always meet the caloric standards that I have established for myself. I Still have to break down my food intake into appropriate amounts of carbohydrates, protein, and fats. As of yet I am only counting calories and not taking the balance into effect. I do worry that eventually my workouts will be quite rigorous and without the proper nutrition not only will my workouts suffer, but I might hurt myself in the long run rather than lose weight successfully. With that goal in mind I am incorporating as of today a multivitamin (not pictured today). So that at the very least I will not be deficient in vitamins and minerals. Also I STILL need to get more veggies to increase the volume of fiber in my diet, which I WILL do tomorrow when the grocer comes in.

Today’s Elliptical total

Mentally today wasn’t a stressful day, like I said I am starting to get into the rhythm. I slept much better (approx 6 hrs) and on a better schedule. I need to consider my upcoming workload when considering stress and comfort eating. I also need to control how much sleep I get so I will aim for 7 hrs.

Beef and Onion stir fry

Diluted Grapefruit juice

Still to be determined: Free day, Food breakdown (protein, carbs, etc), day to rest, how much to amp up workouts, work out goals, first weight loss goal.


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