Egg in a basket and Beef strips

Eggs and bacon with grapefruit juice

I must say that I am pleased with how I am coming along. I stuck to my guns and went to purchase produce and fruits today. Unfortunately there wasnt as much produce as I would have liked but I got some cucumbers, eggplant, Lettuce, and a few slices of melon and watermelon. The one thing I am starting to struggle with is the gym, today I had NO interest in going but I went regardless. which I am proud of.

Today’s Eliptical stats

In the matter of food I think I did ok today (not bad not horrible). I had two eggs in a basket ( 70 Cal per egg/ 100 cal per slice of bread) = 340. To which I added four turkey bacon slices (35 cal/slice) =140 and a cup of diluted grapefruit juice for 100 cal. For lunch I had a two scoop protein shake (120 cal/scoop) = 240 with a cucumber salad which contained one whole cucumber and lemon juice  with lime pepper to taste = 60. Dinner was the other half of the stir fried beef and pepper 868 calories plus another cucumber salad 45 cal with lemon juice 15 cal  and lettuce (4 calories/half cup)to change it up a bit. Today’s total was: 1808 total calories. Since I was planning on consuming 1600 calories a day, today I went over by 200 calories. if I had not consumed the bacon and 1 egg this would have been adequate. A frustrating lesson for tomorrow.

Lunch: cucumber salad and protein shake

Mentally I think I wasnt tempted by anything today, if anything I am simply just getting a bit lazy. I gave the idea of a free day some thought, and since my sitting around all day has caused me to be in this condition, I think it right not to have a COMPLETELY free day. I do plan to add weights and maybe longer cardio sessions. So on those days I am taking it easy, ill, or otherwise incapacitated I will do a 30 min cardio workout. My first goal for this project is to lose 10 pounds. If the math is correct I should accomplish that in approximately 4 weeks (3 pounds a week give or take). As for the week starting on thursday, I will incorporate weights into the regimen. I will start with something small like two sets per muscle group. I will also divide up the body into 3 sections: Arms, chest/back, legs. I will continue to do situps daily, I plan to add another set of 50, but to work out the obliques NEXT week.

Cucumber and lettuce salad with Beef onion stir fry

Still to be determined: Food breakdown (protein, carbs, etc), how much to amp up workouts week by week, work out goals.


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