cottage cheese and grilled Silver snapper

cottage cheese and melon slices

I found myself having problems getting work done, I have a deadline of sorts approaching and its getting to be more and more stressful as time ticks away. In addition to that I have been feeling very sore in my legs due to the workouts, but like I said in the previous post I cant stop working out, and If I intend to take a day off it must be light exercise. So like I said today I did light exercise… sort of… since I started on a Thursday, and I said I would add weight lifting and 50 oblique crunches while sitting in a roman chair, besides the 50 I have been doing since I started hitting the gym… it was a light exercise day sort of.

Old picture of same lunch meal

Today I started with a half a cup of cottage cheese (90cal says so on the label, LB), and two slices of melon  (46 calories). For lunch I had a protein shake which because I had to switch brands is now 1 scoop of the old 130 cal + 1 scoop of the new 190 (320 calories) Plus my cucumber salad (45 cal) with lemon juice (15 cal) (using old picture didnt take a picture today). Finally for dinner I had grilled silver snapper .515 pounds (299.4 cal) with 10 olives (40 cal LB) Along with, a cucumber lettuce salad  with lemon juice (31cal). For today’s total I had: 886.4 calories. (which assuming I am not underestimating grossly is TOO low.)

Rode the reclined bike, not a HUGE burn

Mentally I am a bit stressed, also I was trying to not overeat calorie wise like I did yesterday. So I tried to stay away from the fatty foods like bacon and eggs and went for more vegetarian choices. This would explain why I am actually as we are posting SO SO hungry. I need to find the happy medium. I decided not to eat because when I am stressed that is my first gut reaction, which I am trying to avoid. If I had known that I was consuming MUCH less calories than I intended to for today I would have definitely made myself something nice to eat. I will try to do the math earlier in the day so that I am sure I am consuming the proper amount of calories, and will not confuse my hunger for a stress induced desire to calm myself with food. I feel a bit silly. I will do better. As far as workout goals I would first like to be able to get to 350 calorie elliptical workout, but I have yet to decide how much I should increase my workouts or any other workout goals. Also, Note to self: go to market tomorrow and get some MORE veggies.

Grilled snapper and salad with my water

Still to be determined: Food breakdown (protein, carbs, etc), how much to amp up workouts week by week, work out goals


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