Eggs cottage cheese and eggplant

Breakfast: egg in a basket cottage cheese and melon

Not a good day at all…. I was unmotivated… tired… AND I missed a deadline for falling asleep… I did manage to eat close to my goal of calories, as opposed to the two days before… I need to normalize my sleep, and I need to make my exercise more routine. I am still debating changing my policy of at the very least light cardio daily, since today I didnt go to the gym, and I am wondering if a break isnt a good idea.

Today I was horribly organized food wise and I ate at odd hours. Today for breakfast I had an egg in a basket (170 cal) , a serving of cottage cheese (90 Cal LB), and a slice of melon (35 cal). Then at dinner time I had ground beef   (704.8 cal), egg plant (66 cal), onion (35 cal), with Parmesan cheese  (110 cal). then later a slice of pumpkin pie I made at home (379 cal). For a total of: 1589.8. 

Eggplant ground beef and onion with Parmesan cheese

Pumpkin pie I made as a trial for Thanksgiving, Sacrificed the rest
to the hungry roommates

Mentally I feel very discouraged, and confused… I will elaborate on this more later… I think it  was mostly due to a bad sleeping pattern. (went to bed at 4, woke up at 8) fell asleep at 10am again… and then woke up, only to fall asleep YET again.

Edit: I actually didnt post this on the day of, so I cant really talk about my mental state from yesterday, I was discouraged and confused… so I will end it here.


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