Eggs watermelon Eggplant Beef

Egg in a basket, watermelon and cottage cheese

I spent the majority of the day contemplating the events of the previous, sleeping… was very tired.. but in the end after talking with a friend I came to various conclusions, which I think deserve a post all their own (outside of my daily post and will be posted eventually). I pumped myself up as best I could, and dusted myself off… and went to the gym, and knocked one out of the park.

Forgot to turn off the flash, got some nasty looks
in the gym, the total was 326

I started the day with cottage cheese (90 cal lb) and an egg in a basket (170 cal) along with a wedge of watermelon (86 cal). For dinner I had another severing of eggplant  (66 cal) with ground beef (which the label says is lean, but not what proportion of fat so I am assuming the LEAST amount of lean, 75% beef 25% fat) (908.66 cal), with a half a cup of white diced onions (80 cal), and topped off with a half a cup of Parmesan cheese (110 cal LB). I washed that all down with a glass of diluted grapefruit juice (100 cal). Today’s total was: 1610.66. I will say that I need to take some time to plan out my meals more elaborately, rather than wait until the last minute to eat, or not eat on time (which later makes me STARVED).

Grapefruit juice, Ground beef, Onions and egg plant
with Parmesan cheese on top

Mentally I am starting to see that without food to fall back into for comfort some of my problems are surfacing, which makes sense… since once you take away the crutch its hard to walk. I feel like I have thought it out a bit, and sort of made peace with myself about it. It was a long drawn out conversation that really made me think twice about something I read once in a fortune cookie: (I will post about this in much more elaborate detail later) Before you can love others you must love yourself. I think today I made took steps to love myself more.


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