yogurt corn flakes and beef

Yogurt, cottage cheese and guavas

It seems as stress continues to mount and more and more people need to vent I let it take a bite out of my productivity. Today I didnt go to the gym (bad decision) had a fight with a friend over something I felt was common sense, then another fight with another friend over the first fight.. so I spent most of the day arguing with two people and my energy level was low, and my productivity even lower.

Today I ate a serving of banana strawberry yogurt (210 cal LB), a serving of a different brand cottage cheese (120 cal LB), and about 3 guavas (135 cal)  (was going to be 4 but the 4th was rotten). Then for dinner I had two cups of corn flakes (210 cal LB) with ground beef (783.36 cal), with a small serving of onions (35 cal) in an delicious experiment. Today’s total is: 1493.36.

Beef and corn flakes

My mental state as of late hasnt been great, I sort of depend on one of those friends that I had a fight with today for companionship. It seems that our fight just brought out all these issues that had to be dealt with over the rest of the day. Without my food to help calm me down, and with my roommates all with deadlines of their own I have been coping solo. I guess I never knew how much I relied on food for comfort, yet I sort of see how not going to the gym isnt helpful. The problem was that with stress, I seem to lose energy rather than to make the effort to go to the gym. The good thing was I still had the strength to stay within my caloric means, even tho it seemed very tempting. I keep wondering if I shouldnt institute a free meal or a free day. The thought scares me tho, because I am afraid I will go off the reservation and eat the my weight in ____________. I def need to institute a wake up then go to the gym policy, no matter how late I wake up.. it will help my energy… I will try it for a few days and see how it works.


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