New week…

New opportunities! new chances… and new experiences, and I will look forward to them, rather than pessimistically!¬†

The frustration

This last week I started incorporating into my lifestyle a book recommended by a friend. Its called You are your own gym. I wont elaborate much on it (google the title and you will see many reviews), and the title is self¬†explanatory. for the last almost 4 months I have steadily lost about 3 pounds a week. This week (as of today’s scale) I have gained .4 pound. I called my friend who recommended this book, and he could only say that it was to be expected, and that the added mass would eventually increase my BMR… which would speed weight loss… and with my caloric limitations at 1200-1300 a day… it was unlikely that it was something I had eatten (as I weigh everything, and the only thing I really dont keep track of is the 2 tablespoons of salsa I put on my food nowadays) So…. it seems that for the first time in months (look on myfitnesspal for food breakdown, not sure if progress is available) I wont be losing the 3 pounds… and as last week I hit 50 pound loss… its a bit frustrating… here’s hoping next week is better….

Yesterday’s food today, on yesterday’s menu… something exotic I saw at the local (grenada) grocery store… SHARK!!!