people ask me all the time if what I do is hard, if its hard to maintain my diet? if its hard to keep motivated.. and to date I havent had a problem being motivated, reason being that I could see results. Thats the thing about changes in routine, diet, and exercise… you never know what change will help or hurt. 

This is the situation at the moment: I started doing resistance exercises from the book “You are Your own Gym” for about a week or so. It didnt impact my last week of weight loss… but definitely this week at my weigh in (its on wednesday) it impacted it. instead of the steady weight loss I have seen over the past 4 months of about 3 pounds a week I went up in weight. No I am nowhere near my goal, and No my diet didnt change (in case you were asking yourself those questions). The answer, the only one I can fathom is that with the new routine I have actually gained muscle, to the point where it negated any fat loss. Which is in the long run a good thing. But at the moment its hard to overcome…

Back to when people ask me about my motivation. I always say the same thing, Its not hard, so long as I dont have any setbacks.. so long as I stay on my diet, and so long as I keep seeing results… I have no problem. Its when I have had setbacks in the past that I have had a hard time maintaining routine. Its when I miss the gym for a day or two… that its been harder to go back the third day… its after eatting that horrible meal that I shouldnt have had that its harder for me to keep a healthier diet. Its a bit scary, and although I promised myself I would try to maintain this place with as little text as possible (school ideally takes priority over blogging) today I have to write this down… 

I will not let this set back… destroy my progress… and I wont let it diminish my ability, nor determination to complete this journey. 

                                   Live strong.



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