Since last I posted I ate a larger amount of calories for the first time in 5 months than I have allowed myself (1200-1300 a day) and all I can say was that it was not a good idea… not so much for the calorie gain… was about 1 pound… but because I totally am not used to eatting the same amounts of food as I used to, and I have no idea about portion control… I made myself sick, and I still ate less (MUCH MUCH less) than I used to. The reason I thought it was ok to do this was: because it was in the third round of midterms, and I couldnt have the fortitude of mind to sit and cook food for the week. I ate through my emergency foods (lean pockets) in a few days… and then I ate out a few times… some were good choices (subway) others not so great (wings from the shady shack nearby). I even didnt track food for like a week, which was bad…

All that plus the stress of the exams really wore me out, and I literally slept for two days after the exams from the sheer exhaustion of not sleeping and the stress… I also was a bit depressed, for the last month of exams I have maintained a very good (except for the few days I didnt) calorie deficit, etc and even tho I have maintained it, I have only lost approx 7-8 pounds. when I should have lost at least 12. I ended that depression when I used my measuring tape and realized that although I have only lost since 9/02 11 pounds… I have lost approximately 3-4 inches off the measurements from my core, and .5- 1 in off my arms and legs… PROGRESS!!! which reinforces my workouts in YOU ARE YOUR OWN GYM (which I was DISCOURAGED ABOUT DOING BECAUSE OF THE LACK OF WEIGHT LOSS). 

In other news, I really want to start trying to incorporate a bit more cardio into my regime, because thus far I am only leaning on my caloric defecit, and the increased muscle mass for weight loss… I hope that the two will compliment each other… so I start a walk/run regime tomorrow (C25K)


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