I have been SOOO sick

SO I wont post too many details about it, just going to say that ulcers or the beginnings of them really can kick your ass… I have literally have been subexisting on pedialyte and sleep for the last 3-4 days, I finally feel a little bit more normal… just not brave enough to try too much too fast…

bottom line, thanks to my hold nothing diet I have lost almost 4 pounds… I am pretty sure this is going to set me back a little bit… 

Not to mention being sick is NOT FUN :/ here’s to being on the mend



Up to 8/50! They arent always easy but they are fun on such a beautiful day outside!

Days off

Yesterday was my first day off in a long time, that was PLANNED… not one that I decided upon because of laziness… the two days of exercise have really taken a toll on my legs, but today I am going to go back and kick some ass! Its nice to have time to post… even tho I AM busy, its nowhere near as busy as I used to be! 🙂