New Year 2012

Well the year is over and big changes are coming my way. I am transitioning from what I was studying to something similar (believe me its a BIG change). For the last 6 weeks my diet has been out of control, yet I picked up the awesome beginnings of an ulcer… So EVEN if I want to eat large amounts of greasy food… I cant… I physically feel great deal of pain (epigastric) and have been eatting around this for a while. I get nauseous and you get the picture…

I have gotten a new scale on the way… no more of those silly weigh ins where I have to get on and off the scale multiple times to get an idea of my weight. I am also planning to get a body fat device, as seeing that during the last few months of school I lost less weight (even tho I ate according to the caloric restriction I had established from months before). I saw my weight loss slow from about 3 pounds a week to about 1-2 a week (which I know is to be expected as I lose body mass), with some jumps here and there… I hope to maintain a much more uniform weight loss this time around since I hope to be much less stressed (read less cortisol).

I also invested in a Garmin forerunner. I invested in it because I want to be gym independent. Having a gym is something that I simply will not use. Sure, I work out really well for a couple of months, but then one day I miss… and I never go… Walking or running requires no hours, has no holidays… and I wanted a better way to measure my efforts. This product will help me establish better training regiment, as well as provide me immediate feedback as I am exercising (too much strain, not enough effort..etc). I also want to continue with my body weight exercises, as they did improve my physique as well as my endurance. 

In addition, I plan to post more frequently, since now I will have the time to actually post. 

I dont know what the future has for me at the moment, but I cant help but feel a bit positive at the possibiliites that lay before me… even if I do have some sad feelings at the change that has happened… but life… it must go on…

Be happy for this day, for it is your life!


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