Experiment Number 1

Problem: If you are anything like me, its often easy to start something and even keep it going for a while. Somewhere someone in a gym will say that habit is one of those really important things to being healthy, so…

Hypothesis: if I try the Jerry Seinfeld method of maintaining habits I will improve how regularly I do the things I struggle with somehow, and develop habits I want to keep in the long run.

Method: Since my printer decided it doesnt want to print a calendar (or anything else for that matter) I went ahead and took a sheet of paper and with paper and crayons (yes I have a set) I went ahead and marked off 30 days. At the end of thirty days I will evaluate how effective it was for me in helping me “keep the chain” going on the calender by not missing a day of set activities. I have selected four activities that I have not been very good at maintaining in the long long run to develop during a 30 day trial period:

1. Exercise habits: I am very good at starting an exercise regime, but after an indeterminate amount of time (1 week- 4 months, etc) I fall out of said regime

2. staying on my planned meals: I am also very good at starting and remaining on an exercise regime, like the exercise it falls apart around the same time as the exercise

3. Personal development: I play the piano, and am picking up the harmonica, there are loads of things I could be reviewing and studying (preparing to return to school next year). I can take this opportunity to help build up that habit.

4. Blogging: YES even blogging can be a hard habit to develop (who hasnt started a blog and then QUIT!? dont judge me! :p )

Observations, results and conclusions to follow in 30 days.