Will power


I have been contemplating a lot besides habit forming (which pretty much automates some behavior so you dont think about it TOO much), I thought back to not so long ago. I became overwhelmed with all the things I had to do and let my diet slide. Many people think that this is natural, that its ok to do so (every now and then)… so as I was reading around I came across this: When Willpower Fails: How to Build Your Resistance to Temptation.

The abbreviated version is simply that, we have only so much will power to go around, and that this (called the strength model of will power) supply of will power can only endure so much before you give in to SOMETHING… So it only makes sense that as we pile on more and more stress and problems, our will power eventually cannot maintain itself and it eventually falters. I wonder if there isnt any way to strengthen it (they posted a few suggestions, but I am not feeling extremely strong on any) that are testable. I will have to think on it, and come back to it


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