Wellness Experiment 1.1 update

So, I have been doing a lot of thinking about what my next experiment will be… I would like to work on my will power, and food… so if possible I will combine the two. Unfortunately, as I have learned its hard to do experiments with confounding variables. so I might try something else. I am going to check at the local library ( they have access to every scientific article known to man, as far as I know…) and see if I cant find a few articles to inspire me for an experiment set up.

Update: as far as experiment 1.1, it seems to be going well… I have found myself thinking about it a lot, but it doesnt stress me out because if I exercise, if I eat well or not etc (which I try to anyways)… it doesnt stress me out (as did version 1.0) of this experiment to the point of feeling a bit overwhelmed. Yup I said it, overwhelmed. So at the end of 30 days, I will add something else… so far… so well 🙂

until tomorrow…


One thought on “Wellness Experiment 1.1 update

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