Inspiring blog award

A follower of mine has tagged me for the Inspiring blog award and as such I am going to respond! As per her post here are my answers:

1) Thank the lovely person who nominated me 

Thank you for your kind nomination smilesalot1960, I try to find those things that would help me get going… so I am glad that they do you too! If you are reading this do check her blog out (here is the link) her writing is really interesting! 🙂 I especially loved the post on obsession.

2) share 7 things about yourself 

1)  I love science! Although it can be its own language sometimes, it helps me sort out life.

2) I am not sure what to make of psychology, it seems all based on self report… YET… all of it is SOOO interesting… and it DOES explain somethings!

3) I am not one that is excellent at blogging, so As you can see by I am working my way into it… the basis of good science is good notes, so I hope to do well here!

4) There are many times when I dont feel very positive, and since life is 99% reaction 1% event… This blog is my attempt at being positive when I can be!

5) I love technology… all of the toys and gadgets, but I dont always use the best and newest… some of the biggest fun I have had is using less expensive tech to do what others require expensive solutions for

6) I am working through my issues, I am a work in progress… and I hope to be able to find through experimentation a balance in life, failure is always an option

7) I love to travel 🙂

 3) Nominate 15 other blogs that i love or that inspire me. 

I dont have thus far any blogs that I follow listed here… because some of them (a lot of them) are not wordpress… AND I dont think I follow 15!

Christopher Mcdougal’s Blog: Ever since I read his book, I have followed his blogs, my heard broke when Caballo blanco passed recently…

Claire Orfano’s blog: I stumbled into claire’s blog, and ever since then I cant stop following her… she inspires me to keep trying…

Ben Does life Blog:  I ran into his video on youtube, and have since followed his blog…

4) Thank the people who have inspired you. (I think)

Lastly I want to Thank all the people who take it upon themselves to post day in and day out, your words have touched me, and they remind me that I am not alone. As long as I dont give up… anything is possible, thank you for sharing your thoughts with all of us



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