The awareness test… General experiment 1.1

Did you watch the video? NO?…. I’ll wait… really…

don’t mind me, just working on a post while you watch the video… oh you finished? ok! (seriously tho watch the video!)

At some point during their education most everyone has taken a test, its purpose? to gauge our understanding of a broad (or very specific) knowledge. Tests help institutions shape their curriculum as well as help students achieve. In life however, we dont have tests to gauge how well we are doing in a certain area… and more often than not we really dont pay attention with all the balls we have up in the air, as we try to manage our day to day living… so many that sometimes we don’t see the moon walking bear.

So if we want to improve in something how do we do that? Simple…. you find a metric of some sort that you feel is a good gauge, and it can be tweaked depending on our level of achievement or wants and desires. At least that is the theory…

For example, Want to eat better? perhaps you can set a goal of servings of vegetables and fruits for the day, maybe you want a certain spread of Macronutrients with a higher percentage of protein. or perhaps you need to have only a certain calorie goal for yourself…. or all of the above…

So…. With that in mind let the experiment commence…

Problem: I want to improve on _________ (I will update what mine is in a post VERY SOON) but don’t know how.

Hypothesis: If I keep track of _____  using a measurement that I am comfortable with (ie. Food: 5 servings of fruits and veggies, 1300 calories, etc) I will be able to improve _______.

Method: Break down your _____ to its most basic elements, then choose an element to work on that is measurable. Choose a measurement that you are comfortable with, and using a note pad, your trusty excel spread sheet, or even a specialized website that helps you keep track (Ie. Nutrition: keep track of your data, as well as observations for the day to day to help in accessing for future improvement. (ie. Nutrition: I really liked the cucumbers in a salad, must buy more to incorporate into meals).

Happy experimenting, Post your results etc let me know if you give it a try! 😀 failure is always an option, but never the end!


2 thoughts on “The awareness test… General experiment 1.1

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