Changes start only on Mondays?

it is monday…. so its a good day…

After an inspiring video, after talking to someone who has really accomplished something… I tend to think that I want to do something similiar… but not today…. starting monday…

And predictably like the card above says, eventually I fall out of love with said change, or some other predictable excuse (I still have a box of chocolates… someone has to eat them! etc!) Lucky for me today is  Monday so today…. like I had mentioned… I am announcing the next experiment (running co-currently with another at the same time).

So…. here it goes… Exp Nu/Gen 1.1! (still need to work on experimental titles)

Problem: I want to improve on my weight (as in lose more) .

Hypothesis: Its been said that weight loss is 80% done in the kitchen 2o% at the gym (the percentage may be slightly different depending on who says it…) So with that in mind if I keep track of Nutrition using the measurement of calories I will be able to improve upon my weight.

Method: Using a digital food scale I will measure (if possible, if I am out I will have to either look up the calories on a website or at best guess) portions of food, and will then use the myfitnesspal account that I have to log my caloric intake. My calorie goal is 1500, so I will consume that many calories.  I will weigh myself daily on a digital scale  and post a chart of net gains and losses as the experiment progresses.

Possible confounding variables: I am eating a high protein diet (versus a diet that is different) , I am also restarting C25k (told you Mondays was a day of change!) Either of these could increase my weight loss, and as such could be confounding to the experiment. I will control for the exercise one by logging with a Garmin forerunner HRM.

let the experimenting begin, like I heard in a movie (you get bonus points if you know the movie): ” It will be ok, and if it isnt, it isnt the end!


2 thoughts on “Changes start only on Mondays?

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