The Perfect Crime

He Stumbled through the door gasping for air… his life, it had all become too much… had it been a horrible day, week, month… he shook his head, it has been a terrible year! He walked from room to room looking for someone to talk to, but no one was home. Looking at the clock he realized it would be hours till anyone would be home. It had been such a rough day that he decided to make the call..

He paced the room, the television on but he was unable to concentrate, willing the clock to move so that he might find some relief… an audible sigh escaping his lips as the door echoed with the pounding of a fist. His feet could not move quickly enough for him, opening the door as quickly as possible, and handing the man money… his eyes looking to the left and to the right, hoping no one had seen what had just transpired.

He poured himself a beer, contemplating what he was about to do… taking a large swig before….

Time passed, his eyes darting to his watch… he only had a few minutes to clear out the mess he had left, to remove the tell tell signs of his actions… Quickly he opened windows… running to the bathroom to gargle mouthwash… the pain of the day still palpable, but somewhat more manageable… smelling his clothes hoping no one would be the wiser as to what had gone down. He sat down at the couch, the door opening as someone was coming in.

“hey! how was your day?” his roommate asked… “Great, just glad its over”… his foot quietly pressing under the couch, making sure that the evidence was not visible…

As he stood up he looked at his roommate and smiled, then walked away from the couch a few steps before looking down… Nope, no one could see it…

He smiled and thought, I’ll take care of the pizza box tomorrow… the perfect crime.


Dedicated to anyone who ever ate to cope with their lives…..and did so in secret, ashamed.


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