Ge/Nu 1.1 / Wellness experiment 1.1 update! (still need better titles!!!)

Weight loss for the first week was surprising, with a gain on the 8th day (today) according to the scale.

So A week has gone by, and while the first days of the new experiment were the most challenging to me. I was afraid that it would turn out like the first experiment and that I would not be able to keep up with TWO changes in my life(this one and that one), however it seems like blogging has become routine and as such isnt as daunting as before.

Observations: ( Gu/Nu 1.1)  The first few days of the Nutrition tracking and modification were a bit tough on me, because RIGHT before that I pretty much was indulging in things I had not been able to for a long time (the reasons for this are much too TMI and gross for the general population).

(Wellness Experiment 1.1) this last weekend marked the 25th day since I started this experiment, I will still say that it is gratifying to cross off the days on the calendar…

Results: (Ge/Nu 1.1) As you can see in the graphs in the first week I spiked in the weight loss department on the first day. After the first day there seemed to be a tapering off of the extremity of the first day, with 9 pounds lost in the first week (and an awesome 1.2 pound gain today Monday) . According to both the Harris Benedict and the Mifflin St Jeor equations (numbers are on my spread sheet, yes I made one!) expected loss for the week was 4.47 and 3.86 pounds respectively. Both equations were set to light exercise (c25k) to help set an expected weight loss prediction.  

Calorie intake (chart on the right) was at about 1500 calories a day with no days going over, exercise was accounted for by the garmin 305 forerunner, and logged on respective websites (look here).  Caloric deficits were about 2000 calories a day according to BMR equations minus calories logged (Day to day food intake was measured via food scale and logged in its respective website).

(Wellness Experiment 1.1) As can be seen (below), posts have been regularly making their way to the blog.

As of last friday I only had 5 more days, I cant believe that I started 30 days ago!


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