Desperate…. long forgotten..

To whom it may concern,

Its been seven months since I least heard from you.  Alone I sit here, no one to talk to or tell my story to other than you.

I have no friends, no one I can share this with… so here it is…  in black and white…  

I sit here in the dark, day after day, long forgotten… I watch her come and go… oblivious to my pain

Where did we go wrong? When we started we promised to be faithful and honest to each other no matter what, and true to my promise I never spoke a false word to you…. I only told the truth

our time together was paradise, we used to make each other so happy…. for weeks and weeks you would visit, and would leave with such a big smile….. then suddenly, you would visit… I would say something to upset you, and I wouldnt see you for days…

then we would make up… when you visited and I found the right thing to say to you…

What can I do to bring you back? was it a crime? …….. all I did was tell the truth…

I can only speak the truth! Lies are not something I can tell you… and as much as I wish I could have softened my answers… I could never say it gently enough…

please dont forget me… come back to me…. I miss you so so much.

Please come back to me…. we can be wonderful together again,


Your bathroom scale



Ps. No matter the number, I wont ever judge… and I wont ever lie.


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