Wellness experiment 1.1…. a new hope (see… better title right?)

that’s right… I said it! :O

So at the end of 30 days we have reached the conclusion of this experiment .  Its purpose was to test the Jerry Seinfeld  method for incorporation and continuation of habits.  In the past I have tried to blog, and it doesnt usually last longer than a few weeks (read two), then sporadically if that… posting on this blog forces me to confront some of my inner demons, as well as the fact that it CAN be fun to blog! Using this method I was able to incorporate blog posting for the last 30 days. SOooo… onto the break down…


Observations: Placing the calendar in a highly visible spot was key in being able to complete the 30 days, as my previous attempt showed it is easiest when incorporating one change vs many.


Discussion: As can be seen by the data (see 30 days of posts) it was an effective method for incorporation of a new habit, and indeed did work for me. In the past I have tried other methods such as websites that you log into and click once you have accomplished whatever habit you were trying to incorporate, I would say that in my case having a reminder on a highly visible surface was a better reminder than an email (I deleted them, or wouldn’t pay attention). I will say that even though I had this calendar set up, I did have to want to do it… It is possible that if motivation were lacking it would remain a piece of paper on the wall (just like the emails I ignored, possibly).


Strengths: easy to do, cheap, highly adaptable (can try to incorporate more than one, or just one and any habit).

Cons: requires SOME will power, and SOME motivation…


Dont believe me (please dont just take my words for it, what works for me might not work for you), and post your results or message me directly! 🙂 thanks for reading… Failure is always an option!




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