Fast food,calories and nutrition…. oh my! First one!

So, I have frequently seen the eat this not that… and I wondered… what I could expect in this area (I suppose the majority of these places can be found nation wide, with a few exceptions)…. lets see how it goes!

here is a list of the fast food and  delivery places in my area that I used to frequent…. lets see what their sites say about their nutrition!

delivery:  (TODAY)

Pizza hut, Domino’s, Papa John’s

Fast food places:

panda express, chic-fil-a, McDonald’s, Jack in the box, Whataburger, Wendy’s, Taco bell, Subway, Dairy queen.


Need to add them still, there are many :O

Note: The following are a reflection on my old habits, no judgement are being made  (food choices are not moral choices) , nor is it impossible to incorporate SOME of this food into your meal plans if you want to or choose to. also I am showing what I found was a best option for ME (hopefully the most healthy)

Delivery:  In my area there are NO delivery places that are not pizza (similar to other smaller towns), so I will focus on pizza options not appetizers or sides as alternatives for food ( I will post on that later).

 Pizza hut:  I used to love ordering from here  at a certain time in my life. The only problem was at the time I would easily consume one half to a whole pizza, not a crime in itself… but the number of calories in it are surprising (370 calories  x’s 8 slices in a pepperoni stuffed crust pizza= 2960).  On a slice by slice basis I think it IS possible to have 1 or 2 slices… for example….
The fit and delicious pizza is 150- 180 calories a slice,  the slices range from 150- 480 (meat lover’s stuffed crust pizza per slice) I will say that according to my fitness website you should only consume 2500 mg of sodium in a day, so if you do indulge in some pizza remember that there is quite a bit of sodium per slice.
Domino’s Pizza:  This is another place where I used to order pizza on occasion and consume half to a whole large pizza (depending on the pizza this was 39483089038498 calories per slice, no that isnt the actual number but their nutrition website wasn’t as easy to read so its me being sarcastic).  This place just like pizza hut can be incorporated into a diet so long as you are ok with one or two slices (if you eat more, no judgments here… its tasty). Sadly I preferred this place because I could order online,  so it was done with the same efficiency I use to pay bills or an email.  I will say that their nutrition details on their pizza was much more hard to decipher than pizza hut’s but then again it seems they have many ways to customize your pizza, and wanted you to know all your caloric options on the nutritional info.  As for pizza I am a fan of their new artisanal pizza…. (below) Chicken and bacon carbonara pizza.
Like pizza hut, another pizza with around 150 calories a slice… and I when I have ordered their artisan pizzas are not bad. Their Spinach artichoke one is around the same number of calories, and is satisfying as well. Again the problems I found with pizza were the amount of sodium. This pizza in comparison with the fit n delicious has 1 more gram of fat when compared with the fit n delicious from pizza hut, but less sodium (200 mgs less or so per slice)
Papa John’s Pizza:  I didn’t like their pizza because their sauce was sweet, however a friend of mine who worked there and she suggested I change the sauce, they too have a web ordering system so it was the alternative to domino’s.  Their nutritional information is available once you input your address etc… and it was legible, and much easier to read. A long time ago I preferred their the works pizza with 330 calories a slice, of which I could consume a whole pizza if hungry enough (330 x’s 8= 2640 calories) .
It looks as though they have a listing for their specialty pizzas, and of those the winner based on calories was the Garden fresh pizza… it has 280 calories a slice…. more calories,  saturated fat, and sodium than both pizza hut and domino’s pizzas per slice. papa john's veg pizza
While many would say that eating at any of these establishments is not ideal, we live in a real world where sometimes its inevitable that you have to make a pit stop at a place out of hunger (necessity) or just for a treat…. I definitely dont think its right or wrong that you eat here (or not)… its not a moral decision… period….
That being said, I do want to try to make better choices IF I have to go out, and as luck would have it… if my tiny town has the chain…. odds are so does yours… I will post more later.
Keep experimenting, failure is always an option… but never the end!

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