Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (GeNu) experiment 1.1

Ok… so I tried a different title… not sure it is better …. *sigh* I’ll get there…

So another week has gone by (this is the continuation of this experiment, in case the titles get too silly) , and I have still faithfully recorded my intake, as well as the of C25k (week 3 , hell yeah!) so here are some…

As you can see there have been lots of ups and downs, biggest change was on day 8 (the first day of the next week, THIS week) where I lost 3.2

Observations: The scale SEEMS to be quite erratic, with weights going up and down, however the trend is downwards… (which is why I suppose they say that weight is not a great metric of health).  Food-wise, I have pretty much continued with same eating habits  of high protein, low fat and carbohydrates. I have tried to incorporate a few new things into my diet, but I find that it is no longer AS hard to keep the 1500 calorie limits I had established for myself. It is possible that the fluctuations in weight can be possibly explained by gains and losses of muscle or hydration (due to sodium content), however its not completely clear what is the reason for the weight gains. However, I do think that I see a downward trend. To date from week 1 there has been roughly (considering today’s weigh in) an 11 pound loss.

Results: In the second week there was a see sawing of weight, ending the week with a total of .2 pounds gained by the end of the week, compared to week 1. However at the beginning of week 3 (day 8) there was a massive jump in weight loss. By looking at the graph it is evident that there were three days of weight gain (despite eating only 1500)  days 1, 4 and 5 respectively.

1. Calories input
2. Calories overall (after you subtract input and exercise)
3. Calories used exercise


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