Very confusing!!! Ge/Nu experiment 1.1 update

So confusing, ups and downs, mostly ups!!!! argh!!

So I have looked at the numbers and they have been up and down, the most surprising thing to me was that starting from day two (Tuesday of last week) I had gains until day five (Thursday) 

So overall I still stand at about 9 pounds lost from when I started… but I have increased my physical activity… I have been biking every other day, so if I had to guess it would be some sort of muscle gain.

1. Calorie intake 2. calories out (exercise) 3. Calories over all (In-out)

As can be seen here I increased physical activity while maintaining intake the same, I worked out the hardest last Sunday (day 7) and thus overall calories overall were lower. What will happen next week? who knows….

stay tuned… same bat time…. same bat channel…

Keep experimenting, failure is always an option… but never the end!


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