Cheetah Legs…..

its a choice to see life as an adventure, or I can feel disabled and limited… and all those truely staggering words and emotions that come with them. I havent, I live with it I use it, I’ve adapted, I’ve been changed because of it… not in spite of it…

-Amy Mullins


Iron Chef! Food experiment 1.3 (First permanent experiment)

What does taco bell and pizza hut have in common? they take 5 ingredients and combine them and find a way to produce a new tasting meal. Likewise in the show Iron chef they take ingredients and shape them into gourmet meals using ingenuity and their expertise as a chef.  If they can do it, why cant I? Continue reading

Lets play a game!

scary doll is scary

I am sure that every one has played would you rather…. or some people call it this or that…

Basically… you are given two choices… and you pick one! lets play!!

The ability to fly or….. the ability to tell if someone is telling the truth (you can keep your lie detector to yourself I’d rather fly)

how about…. Continue reading

I Cant get no…. satisfaction…. Food experiment 1.2

Si and Dave looking svelt

lately I have been watching a show called The hairy bikers Lose weight, and they have emphasized something that I possibly already knew but had not been able to accept. In their last series Si and Dave explored the possibility of losing weight while STILL eating those things they enjoyed… During the last 6 weeks I at times have wondered… if I eat because I just want the dopamine hit from being full OR do I actually enjoy a food that I am eating? (ie. Pizza, ice cream etc) So… this brings me to my next experiment. Continue reading