Gu/Nu Experiment 1.1 Conclusion

First of all I am behind on posting some results…. on week 4… here are the following:

as you can see week four was marked with a number of great losses…  overall there was a net loss of about… .4 pounds. Not a HUGE significant change but there it is 😛

Blue: calories in, Yellow: calories out (exercise), Green: calories overall (In-out)

By looking at the calorie  chart you can tell that I worked pretty hard on exercise during the week, with only one day of rest the whole time. So only day 4  I met a complete 1500 calorie requirement.

So… from the start of this 4 week program I would say that this Experiment was a success… tracking calories (using

Conclusions: Controlling the amounts of calories that go in and go out have been very helpful in having SOME weight loss… since the beginning at the end of its conclusion… I saw a total loss of 13.2 pounds from the beginning of the program to the end (4 weeks). I think part of the reason that it was successful was that when I didnt/dont track calories (see the weeks after that I saw an almost 9 pound gain) its easy to gain to weight because you no longer have: 1. when you are tracking your calories you are conscious about portions and end up eating the same if not more food for less calories and 2. knowing portions and how much to eat or when to eat is easy when the number of calories you can consume is fixed.

Observations: I didint have a hard time past the first week… but I DID noticed that I had a tendency to fall into certain food items (see tacos) because of the ability to measure accurately the amounts of food that were consumed vs estimates in mixes (ie. soup, you dont get the EXACT amount of X, Y, and Z…. )  I need to branch out and explore how to measure as accurately as possible and to make more diverse foods for this to work, I find that sometimes I DO tire of what I ate… and it became boring… which could be a limitation..

Overall I’d say it worked very well.. and I think that like all other things in life… I am going to modify this a bit to make it better.

Failure is ALWAYS an option (see eating without counting calories AFTER having counted calories) but never the end… till next time


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