I Cant get no…. satisfaction…. Food experiment 1.2

Si and Dave looking svelt

lately I have been watching a show called The hairy bikers Lose weight, and they have emphasized something that I possibly already knew but had not been able to accept. In their last series Si and Dave explored the possibility of losing weight while STILL eating those things they enjoyed… During the last 6 weeks I at times have wondered… if I eat because I just want the dopamine hit from being full OR do I actually enjoy a food that I am eating? (ie. Pizza, ice cream etc) So… this brings me to my next experiment.

Observation: During the last 6 weeks I have tracked my calorie input for the most part very religiously, there have been a few days (more than I would like to admit) where I didnt… and overate.. SO I have to wonder if I eat to live, or live to eat.. so to speak.

Hypothesis: I will possibly see a correlation with poor mood and hunger. (seems obvious, and there are tests, but I want to prove this to myself, and how I feel)

Procedure: I will document Mood as honestly as I can on a continuum (1-10) for the next 30 days … where 1 is as low as I can go and 10 as high as I can go. I document Hunger and mood, before I eat, and 30 minutes after I eat. I will eat at regular intervals of every 4 hours for a total of maximum 1300 calories…

Possible confounding variables: Sleep is an essential component of mood and hunger… I will try my best to sleep at the very least 7 hours, else If I have slept less to at least make a note of it.


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