Lets play a game!

scary doll is scary

I am sure that every one has played would you rather…. or some people call it this or that…

Basically… you are given two choices… and you pick one! lets play!!

The ability to fly or….. the ability to tell if someone is telling the truth (you can keep your lie detector to yourself I’d rather fly)

how about…. winning the lotto…. or being amazingly smart (I’d go for smart any day)

Interestingly enough sometimes the game has hard choices… let me give you an example…

bike for one hour (12-14 mph) or not eat that BK® Triple Stacker

how about…

mow the grass for an hour or not have a Strawberry X-treme smoothie from smoothie king

(both were calculated for the avg 170 pound Caucasian man, your values may differ)

I am not attacking anyone for eating either of those! Nor am I saying you shouldnt eat at either of those fine establishments (lest they sue me!) I am just saying, when it comes to fitness… not always about what you do, sometimes its about what you dont do… abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym!

something to think on!

Failure is always an option, never the end!  Till next time…




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