Iron Chef! Food experiment 1.3 (First permanent experiment)

What does taco bell and pizza hut have in common? they take 5 ingredients and combine them and find a way to produce a new tasting meal. Likewise in the show Iron chef they take ingredients and shape them into gourmet meals using ingenuity and their expertise as a chef.  If they can do it, why cant I?

Observation: Its hard for me to stick to better dietary choices because eventually I get tired of the same foods (just look here and see the pattern)…. As a consequence, I tend to gravitate back to those foods I haven’t had in a long while rather than stick to lower calorie meals because of 1. laziness and 2. boredom

Hypothesis: It will be MUCH easier to maintain better dietary habits  if I find quick and easy (lets hope) ways to make foods that I enjoy or that I used to have in a low calorie way, and a way that is satisfactory AND tasty (otherwise what is the point?)….

Procedure: I will every other week (or every week depending on my schedule) will reinvent or invent a new way to cook something with materials that I have already available or buy something new (1 or 2 new ingredients) to make something new.

Note: As I think this is VERY important, I will make my Iron chef experiment 1.3 series a permanent series, and keep it going hopefully indefinitely.




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