I cant get no… satisfaction 1.2 Experiment update

Soooo for the first 3 days tracking was FINE… but THEN… I just went off the rails and off the reservation… So tracking went off… but at the same time… It proved the point… sort of…

I dont like the subjectiveness of psychological research, but you have to try to quantify by some means to be able to track…

Last weekend… I decided to just eat whatever I wanted to… and after all the dust settled… I started to ask myself WHY?!?

This coming week I have an important interview, and the thought of it was making me stress out… Rather than try to talk about it, or  what if anything it might mean if it didnt work out is what is the MOST stressful… and how did I react to all of it…

I went off the rails and ate to feel better… Ie… what I was trying to prove… that sometimes we use food to comfort ourselves to improve our mood, and that OUR mood can help cause pressure for us to eat more etc (ultimately the decision was mine) . I will edit this later and add the actual recorded moods… I am starting to feel that its a bit hard to quantify and note it easily… so I am considering a modification… I will restart the clock on this experiment… and we’ll be on 1.2.1 THEN… we’ll see…

Failure is always an option, but never the end… edit coming up soon


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