Iron Chef Food challenge 1.3.1

Always wanted to use one properly! here was my chance

Observation: The reason I gravitate to ready made foods, or fast food in the past is because I am 1. lazy and 2. don’t have a meal planned, ESPECIALLY if I am busy…. that is when I am most apt to go for fast food rather than get home and cook something (if you fail to plan… plan to fail!)

I hear that crock pots are a god send… and that they are a great way to make warm delicious foods when you are short on time, basically like a delicious time bomb… that you set early in the day (5-7 hrs earlier) and is ready to go off when you arrive with little or no prep. Here is the first of many nutritional experiments.

Crock Pot Hawaiian Chicken (I didnt actually come up with this recipe, it came from here)

(4-5 servings)

  • 2-3 large boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • ½  cup white sugar (substituted with the fake stuff to reduce calories)
  • ½  cup vinegar
  • 3 garlic cloves, minced
  • 2 Tablespoons soy sauce
  • ½   cup of pineapple juice (use what’s in the can)
  • ½  can of large pineapple chunks

also, I didnt actually follow this recipe exactly… I DEF used WAY more chicken…. etc… and since I am too cool for recipes I used a scale to gauge calories (yes I count them) in the recipe. The lovely thing about this recipe is that you didnt need to do much other than throw all the things into the crock pot so it was easy.  First I used…  (you can just scroll down to the bottom if you don’t want to see the step by step picture series… Just was proud of my FIRST crock pot recipe)

Yes its FROZEN… the internet said it was OK… and it didnt mess anything up!

I used 981 grams of frozen chicken , so approximately 8.75 Servings of chicken! 😀

Next I added the sugar… but of COURSE I didnt want to add REAL sugar so I used…

Yup the fake stuff….

I ACTUALLY measured out about 3/4’ths cup  and weighed it out (13 grams)

Yup… the good stuff…

Just cut it up and added it (14 grams)

A little of the Asian flavor…

Added about 2 grams worth…. Then comes the sweet stuff!!!

Yup straight from the can, ALL of it… including the lovely juice!

The can says exactly how many calories in the whole can etc 🙂

Now the tangy stuff

739 grams of this stuff… (ALL the rest of the bottle… about 3/4’s cup)

All of the lovely ingredients ready to go!

it looked tasty already….

Set crock pot to stun errr….on high…

Fast forward 4-5 hrs (about 4.5 hrs to be exact…) and served on a huge bed of broccoli (instead of the rice recommended)

Hawaiian chicken… Tasty and healthish

Tada!!! it was lovely… and when looking at the calories we had THIS break down per serving:

Woahhh look at that sodium per serving… THAT is a lot :/

my only complaint was the sodium content, otherwise… per serving it was good… 😀 Till next time… the “Iron chef” will strike again.. failure is always an option, but never the end!



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