Happy new year!

If at first you don't succeed, that's one data point.


Happy new year to everyone, be safe… to new beginnings for some, for others part X…

failure is always an option, but never the end.




I went Amine crazy on a problem… and the solution seems simple

Soo… I have noticed I havent posted much lately of my own writing, and it feels like I have beeen working really hard at things behind the scenes… better things coming soon


Normally I would post a video today that would¬†emphasize that failure is a normal occurrence, and something that can be overcome… ¬†earlier today however something horrible happened I thought I would post my thoughts on it, after much thought however…. I dont know what to say about it (too many thoughts… and many more questions) I will simply not say much other than my thoughts are with all of those who are suffering today. Posts will resume tomorrow as usual.