I cant get no… satisfaction 1.2 Experiment update

Soooo for the first 3 days tracking was FINE… but THEN… I just went off the rails and off the reservation… So tracking went off… but at the same time… It proved the point… sort of… Continue reading


I Cant get no…. satisfaction…. Food experiment 1.2

Si and Dave looking svelt

lately I have been watching a show called The hairy bikers Lose weight, and they have emphasized something that I possibly already knew but had not been able to accept. In their last series Si and Dave explored the possibility of losing weight while STILL eating those things they enjoyed… During the last 6 weeks I at times have wondered… if I eat because I just want the dopamine hit from being full OR do I actually enjoy a food that I am eating? (ie. Pizza, ice cream etc) So… this brings me to my next experiment. Continue reading

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (GeNu) experiment 1.1

Ok… so I tried a different title… not sure it is better …. *sigh* I’ll get there…

So another week has gone by (this is the continuation of this experiment, in case the titles get too silly) , and I have still faithfully recorded my intake, as well as the of C25k (week 3 , hell yeah!) so here are some…

As you can see there have been lots of ups and downs, biggest change was on day 8 (the first day of the next week, THIS week) where I lost 3.2

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Ge/Nu 1.1 / Wellness experiment 1.1 update! (still need better titles!!!)

Weight loss for the first week was surprising, with a gain on the 8th day (today) according to the scale.

So A week has gone by, and while the first days of the new experiment were the most challenging to me. I was afraid that it would turn out like the first experiment and that I would not be able to keep up with TWO changes in my life(this one and that one), however it seems like blogging has become routine and as such isnt as daunting as before. Continue reading

Wellness experiment 1.1 update… Yesterday was day 15… halfway…

Observations to date on Wellness experiment 1.1 : So I have been reading a few experiments about willpower and motivation… and how doing well in one area can make you more competent in others. Interestingly enough the strength model of will power was an interesting read… although the most important premise of it was completely debunked (or at least to my satisfaction).  I might write up a summary about it.

I will say that seeing the crosses on the calendar have made it easy for me to want to continue posting in a regular basis, and it really makes me wonder if perhaps I am not ready to add something else to the balance.  I will say that it has become surprisingly cathartic to face some of my own demons in posting, I suppose that is why I am thinking perhaps I am ready to add more to the mix (perhaps this was the first step in transtheoretical model of behavior change that I was reading about)

For the concrete: I HAVE posted daily for the last 15 days, and I dont foresee this being any different in the remaining 15 days of this experiment.  It has been rather easy (especially since I narrowed it down to only one task), and the visibility of the calendar… and the fact that I pass by it several times reminds me that I have something to do.

NOTE: if a PDF is available I will post a link to it, like I did on the strength model of will power and on the counter to the strength model. 

Experiment 1.1 update, Day 9

So… I have quite steadily posted on this blog, I am finding that it is easier and easier to post. As opposed to before, I havent changed anything, I did however place it in a very visible area! I will edit this later and post a shot.

So far…

Pros: easy to keep up with, doesnt stress me out (only 1 thing to be tracked or do)

Cons: none…

Edit 6/26/2012: I promised I would post a shot of the new experiment (picture from a few days ago)… Pinned to a door I walk by every few minutes… good reminder

Wellness experiment 1.1