Ge/Nu 1.1 / Wellness experiment 1.1 update! (still need better titles!!!)

Weight loss for the first week was surprising, with a gain on the 8th day (today) according to the scale.

So A week has gone by, and while the first days of the new experiment were the most challenging to me. I was afraid that it would turn out like the first experiment and that I would not be able to keep up with TWO changes in my life(this one and that one), however it seems like blogging has become routine and as such isnt as daunting as before. Continue reading

The awareness test… General experiment 1.1

Did you watch the video? NO?…. I’ll wait… really…

don’t mind me, just working on a post while you watch the video… oh you finished? ok! (seriously tho watch the video!)

At some point during their education most everyone has taken a test, its purpose? to gauge our understanding of a broad (or very specific) knowledge. Tests help institutions shape their curriculum as well as help students achieve. In life however, we dont have tests to gauge how well we are doing in a certain area… and more often than not we really dont pay attention with all the balls we have up in the air, as we try to manage our day to day living… so many that sometimes we don’t see the moon walking bear. Continue reading

Multipurpose Experiment 1.0 update… and perhaps start of Wellness experiment 1.1

So, it seems that I am terrible at doing 4 things at one time, and making sure those habits all stick at once… SO… I am going to start simple and stick to one. While I DID start C25K today, exercise will not be part of this experiment.

Observations so far: yes, the calendar strategy did nag at me (still does) but first of all, I didnt set it in a place where I would have to look it in the eye so to speak so, it has been semi neglected… although it has nagged at me like the heart beat nagged at one of my favorite protagonists via Poe (tell tale heart).

Modification to experiment: so like previously stated I will be concentrating on posting on this blog period. I MIGHT add to the list after 30 days.

Edit 6/26/2012: here is what the first draft looked like… as you can see it didnt go very well

Failed General experiment 1.0