Iron Chef Food challenge 1.3.1

Always wanted to use one properly! here was my chance

Observation: The reason I gravitate to ready made foods, or fast food in the past is because I am 1. lazy and 2. don’t have a meal planned, ESPECIALLY if I am busy…. that is when I am most apt to go for fast food rather than get home and cook something (if you fail to plan… plan to fail!)

I hear that crock pots are a god send… and that they are a great way to make warm delicious foods when you are short on time, basically like a delicious time bomb… that you set early in the day (5-7 hrs earlier) and is ready to go off when you arrive with little or no prep. Here is the first of many nutritional experiments. Continue reading


Iron Chef! Food experiment 1.3 (First permanent experiment)

What does taco bell and pizza hut have in common? they take 5 ingredients and combine them and find a way to produce a new tasting meal. Likewise in the show Iron chef they take ingredients and shape them into gourmet meals using ingenuity and their expertise as a chef.  If they can do it, why cant I? Continue reading

I Cant get no…. satisfaction…. Food experiment 1.2

Si and Dave looking svelt

lately I have been watching a show called The hairy bikers Lose weight, and they have emphasized something that I possibly already knew but had not been able to accept. In their last series Si and Dave explored the possibility of losing weight while STILL eating those things they enjoyed… During the last 6 weeks I at times have wondered… if I eat because I just want the dopamine hit from being full OR do I actually enjoy a food that I am eating? (ie. Pizza, ice cream etc) So… this brings me to my next experiment. Continue reading

Ge/Nu 1.1 / Wellness experiment 1.1 update! (still need better titles!!!)

Weight loss for the first week was surprising, with a gain on the 8th day (today) according to the scale.

So A week has gone by, and while the first days of the new experiment were the most challenging to me. I was afraid that it would turn out like the first experiment and that I would not be able to keep up with TWO changes in my life(this one and that one), however it seems like blogging has become routine and as such isnt as daunting as before. Continue reading

Experiment Number 1

Problem: If you are anything like me, its often easy to start something and even keep it going for a while. Somewhere someone in a gym will say that habit is one of those really important things to being healthy, so…

Hypothesis: if I try the Jerry Seinfeld method of maintaining habits I will improve how regularly I do the things I struggle with somehow, and develop habits I want to keep in the long run.

Method: Since my printer decided it doesnt want to print a calendar (or anything else for that matter) I went ahead and took a sheet of paper and with paper and crayons (yes I have a set) I went ahead and marked off 30 days. At the end of thirty days I will evaluate how effective it was for me in helping me “keep the chain” going on the calender by not missing a day of set activities. I have selected four activities that I have not been very good at maintaining in the long long run to develop during a 30 day trial period:

1. Exercise habits: I am very good at starting an exercise regime, but after an indeterminate amount of time (1 week- 4 months, etc) I fall out of said regime

2. staying on my planned meals: I am also very good at starting and remaining on an exercise regime, like the exercise it falls apart around the same time as the exercise

3. Personal development: I play the piano, and am picking up the harmonica, there are loads of things I could be reviewing and studying (preparing to return to school next year). I can take this opportunity to help build up that habit.

4. Blogging: YES even blogging can be a hard habit to develop (who hasnt started a blog and then QUIT!? dont judge me! :p )

Observations, results and conclusions to follow in 30 days.