Iron Chef Food challenge 1.3.1

Always wanted to use one properly! here was my chance

Observation: The reason I gravitate to ready made foods, or fast food in the past is because I am 1. lazy and 2. don’t have a meal planned, ESPECIALLY if I am busy…. that is when I am most apt to go for fast food rather than get home and cook something (if you fail to plan… plan to fail!)

I hear that crock pots are a god send… and that they are a great way to make warm delicious foods when you are short on time, basically like a delicious time bomb… that you set early in the day (5-7 hrs earlier) and is ready to go off when you arrive with little or no prep. Here is the first of many nutritional experiments. Continue reading


Iron Chef! Food experiment 1.3 (First permanent experiment)

What does taco bell and pizza hut have in common? they take 5 ingredients and combine them and find a way to produce a new tasting meal. Likewise in the show Iron chef they take ingredients and shape them into gourmet meals using ingenuity and their expertise as a chef.  If they can do it, why cant I? Continue reading