Broken leg… No problem…

From Wikipedia:

Fujimoto achieved fame by continuing to compete in the team event right after breaking his knee during the floor exercise. He scored 9.5 on the pommel horse and 9.7 on the rings with a broken knee, dismounting from the rings from eight feet above ground and keeping his balance after landing on his feet. He “raised his arms in a perfect finish before collapsing in agony”. The dismount worsened his injury, dislocating his broken kneecap and tearing ligaments in his right leg. Doctors ordered him to withdraw from further competition or risk permanent disability.

One doctor stated:

“How he managed to do somersaults and twists and land without collapsing in screams is beyond my comprehension.” Fujimoto stated that he had not wanted to let his team down by revealing his injury. His completing of the pommel horse and rings events enabled the team to win gold, defeating the team from the Soviet Union by a narrow margin. Later, when asked whether he would do what he did again, he replied frankly, “No, I would not.”

!14th time is the charm…?

This week I had a setback professionally (if you can call it that) and it really brought me down…. and for a MOMENT I forgot that life is one big experiment… we cant let it bring us down… failure is ALWAYS an option….

for your consideration, the persistence and perseverance of someone who wanted something very badly


Failure is ALWAYS an option… (thanks for reminding me, my life) but its NOT the end… ever!

happy failure Friday!