Websites I use

These are a list of the websites I use to track experiments, measurements, and generally keep myself motivated. Feel free to add me to any your own if you belong to any of those sites. If I start using any more I will be sure to add them.

Fitocracy: A great site to motivate yourself to work out via gamification.  (My Fitocracy account)

Myfitnesspal: In my opinion the BEST site to track food. (My Myfitnesspal account)

Runkeeper: I like this website because it plays nicely with my Garmin forerunner, and it syncs right to fitocracy. (My runkeeper account)

Grateful160: Great way to maintain a gratitude journal.

Pinterest:  (all the cool people have one!) this is My account!.

Tumblr: Love all the support and posts from the tumblr  community, this is my account.


2 thoughts on “Websites I use

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